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Customer Service

Bear Tintz want nothing but the best for their customers, keeping a good customer relationship is very important. So Bear Tintz guarantee complete satisfaction with all their jobs, hence why Bear Tintz are often recommended. Bear Tintz is also open 7 days a week Monday-Sunday 8am – 8pm to assist with all of their customers enquiries. All cars that get tinted by Bear Tintz will receive a sticker on the rear window. This sticker can be removed at any time if you prefer not to have it on, but if it stays on your vehicle, you will receive the following benefits –


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Don't have these benefits........

  • 99% UV ray protection - Protects against skin damage, skin cancer, premature ageing & eye damage, this is great for new borns.

  • Solar energy protection - Keeps car up to 60% cooler, prevents seat cracking + fading, cuts down A/C use, which burns less fuel & is easier on your engine and compressor, generally more comfort.

  • Shatter proofing - In a collision glass will hold together, it won't go everywhere, which protects all in your vehicle.

  • Privacy - No I'm not talking about getting jiggy with it, but privacy of your valuables & helps you keep a low profile in unsavoury parts of town.


Other Benefits

  • Improved look - All makes & models get more compliments, any choice of tint shades, so car has your own personal preference, limo black is not the only shade).

  • Safer driving - Prevents glare coming through the car, which helps you keep your eyes on the road.

  • Unique - Your car doesn't have to look like all the others of its kind, tints make a big difference straight away.

  • Optically clear - Bear Tintz high quality film allow you to see out clearly, but nobody can see in.

  • Insulation - Due to a thick layer of film being added to your glass, more cold can be kept out.



Window tinting is an all round amazing idea, and you will definitely benefit from having your windows done for years to come.








Standard Cars Without Tints


*CAR WINDOW TINTING LAW UK* Tinting the front windscreen is illegal & 70% of light must come through and the front side windows.


5% Limo Black

This prevents you from seeing into the car.

Commonly used on: This shade works well on most Vehicles, especially black cars and cars such as Vauxhall Corsa, VW Golf & Polo and Ford Focus & Fiesta.

Common reason: Privacy and style


20% Dark Smoke

You can only see the outline of people in the car.

Commonly used on: Luxury & Vibrant Cars, Bmw, Mercedes, Fiat 500

Common reason: Style


35% Smoked

The best of both. You are able to see into the car, but not clearly.

Commonly used on: Luxury cars

Common reason: Smart and avoiding sun rays with going too dark.


50% Light Smoke

This is a smart tint with a small but noticeable change.

Commonly used on: Front windows

Common reason: Reduce glare without going too dark.


If you would like any other shades, let us know and we may be able to get it in specifically for you. If you would like a recommendation on what shade will suit your vehicle then contact us.





1) Discounted reinstallation if a window gets smashed.

2) Discounted removals once the vehicle is tinted.


Click image for larger view

Avoid Overheating 

Accident Protection

Enhanced Privacy

Prevent Cracking & Fading To Interior

Styles Your Vehicle

Adds Value To Your Vehicle

Optically Clear


Two cars or more or recommend a friend and receive 10% off

Had my car tinted by Bear Tintz the job was done so professional sear it was factory made top marks I recommend him, price even better keep it up mate ta.


Ian, Ford Focus







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